1. Director of CIP

-CIP is managed by Director.

-Director is appointed by the Administrative Committee of CIP, after completed procedure of an open competition.

-The mandate of Director lasts for four years.

2. Director’s Office

-Prepares materials, suggestions and opinions, according to the Director’s requests;

-Prepares Meetings and materials for the Meetings of the Administrative Committee of CIP and follows implementing of the made conclusions;

-Organizes recorded works related to carrying out of the Director’s program of activity;

-Gives the Administrative-technical support to Director, concerning carrying out of his works;

-Organizes, prepares, and makes reports, information, and the other materials,  according to the authority of CIP, related to the necessities of the authorized institutions and the other bodies in BiH;

-Insures translating in case of admission of foreign delegates, and insures translating of written materials in official languages of BiH;

-Prepares materials and reports for the publicity, related to the work and activities of CIP, organizes Conference for the Public Service of Informing;

-Coordinates the activities of making of report about work and program's work of CIP;

-Receives mails sent to Director of CIP.

3. Sector for Information, Cooperation, and Recognition of Documents

-Informs the stakeholders about the mode and the necessary documents for Recognition of Qualifications;

-Makes a coordination of International Exchange of Academic Employees, Students, and Program in Higher Education;

-Suggests the activities for representing BiH through International Projects in the field of Recognition of Qualifications;

-Makes a cooperation  with International Network of Information Centres and National Centres for Recognition of Qualifications;

-Follows implementing of the Lisbon Convention, and makes a cooperation  with the Signatory States of the Convention;

-Gives the necessary information to the Universities of BiH, related to foreign programs which are needed as a basis for Recognition of Awarded  Degrees ,in other words, for Recognition of Qualifications, because of  the further schooling at the Universities of BiH; gives the necessary information to the authorized institutions of the Country and the Entities, and to the other bodies, concerning Recognition of Qualifications;

-Projects the basis of data of information system for the necessities of CIP;

-Makes the basis of data on the made requirements and prepared documents; takes an especial evidence of recognized and unrecognized documents;

-Suggests provisions by which it is regulated the mode and the procedure for Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education;

-Gives suggestions for improving of the process for Recognition of Qualifications, takes part of making of  suggestions of  legal Acts; follows regular carrying out of  the legal Acts in the field of Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education, gives suggestions for improving of cooperation, takes part of making of  suggestions of  the legal Acts.

4. Sector for legal, personnel, financial, and general works

-Takes part of making of statutes, of the other regulations, and of the other Acts of the authority of CIP;

-Prepares professional opinions about drafts of the International Agreements related to Recognition of Qualifications;

-Follows the regulations related to Recognition of Qualifications;

-Being engaged in the Administrative proceedings of the authority of CIP;

-Carries out the activities of the authority of CIP related to the admission of employing of Government employees, staff, beginning employees, and volunteers as well;

-Follows situations  such as progressing in the Service, evaluating, stimulating measures, termination of employment, personal evidences, disciplinary responsibility of the -Government employees and staff, and works of an office managing as well. It also cooperates with the Agency for Civil Service of BiH;

-Follows carrying out of budget, account of salary, health insurance and old-age benefits, financial affairs, accounting and bookkeeping managing, procurement of means and equipment for CIP, according to the regulations.


Table presentation of organizational structure