Created on 04 August 2020

Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education received information, sent by the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) which was announced by the Webometrics for the third year in row as the best private university in Bosnia and Herzegovina that the  Board of Trustees of the IUS as a founder of the IUS decided to take steps to advance a quality of education of civil servants in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On this occasion, the board of Trustees made a decision on scholarship award criteria, for the second cycle study programs provided by the IUS. All BiH citizens who works in the public sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina at all levels, and who express their interest to enroll master program at the IUS, are entitled to a 10 % scholarship. The scholarship is awarded for a period of the nominal duration of study program, and it is valid as a rule for a single study program.

Additionaly, a special benefit of studing is a distance learning model.

More information about the IUS can be found on the official web page of the university at the following link: