Created on 04 August 2020

On 15 June 2020, 27th Virtual Annual Joint Meeting of the ENIC-NARIC Networks was held. Because of situation caused by the COVID 19 virus, this Meeting, which should officialy held in Lisbon, Portugal, had got an online format.

At the beginning of the Meeting the document Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in the times of COVID-19 was presented. This document provides a first and joint perspective of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee Bureau and the ENIC-Bureau (EB) and NARIC Advisory Board (NAB) on the effects of COVID-19 on the recognition of foreign qualifications. With this document, they aim to support ENIC-NARIC centres and their stakeholders to develop strategies to ensure qualifications are recognized in a fair manner despite unprecedented challenges caused by COVID 19. In addition, this document proposes actions at network's level to support ENIC-NARIC centres in this endeavor. The document can be found at the official web page of the ENIC-NARIC networks at the following link:


Within this item of the Agenda the UNESCO Survey on institutional responses to COVID 19 was presented as well as the report on UNESCO COVID-19 education response Webinar.

The next item was dedicated to a reflection of the ENIC/NARIC centres and relevant stakeholders on the presented documents concerning recognition in the COVID-19 period. Many centres gave their reactions and comments as well as proposals how to tackle recognition in this demanding period. Among other proposals, sharing information and good practices, showing flexibility, communicating with the relevant authorities and gathering information, considering the applications case by case examples, ensuring cooperation between centres, ensuring the fair recognition of qualifications obtained under these special circumstances, linking to information gathered by regional and international organizations (e.g., UNESCO, APEC, OECD) on the education systems, setting up full-scale electronic systems for recognition, sharing information about new/other national qualifications were arisen by the ENIC/NARIC centres as the key factors in the recognition procedures during the COVID 19 period.

This meeting was just a part of the 27 Virtual Annual Meeting, the next session should be held in October 2020, while 28 Annual Joint Meeting should be held next year in June, in Portugal.