Created on 26 May 2022

Thanks to the Erasmus+ TST project, the new round of ENIC_NARIC peer review site visits started in May 2022. The participating ENIC/NARIC centres can enhance quality assurance of their work by sharing knowledge and giving feedback on each other’s recognition policies and practices.

Ankara meeting 1The Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education participate in this project and as a part of peer review team, together with the representativew of the ENIC centre of Moldova visited the ENIC centre of Turkiye, to check the quality and transparency of its activities in a recognition field.

During the visit, the self-evaulation report made by the ENIC centre of Turkiye was discussed. The peer review team focused its attention on three key aspects, procedures, criteria and quality assurance; transparency and information provision, and Inter(national) cooperation and presentation.

The general impression of experts was Ankara meeting 2that since a period of establishment of the ENIC centre of Turkiye, the centre has improved its job significantly in organizational but also in professional sense. It also has represented Turkey in the work of the APNNIC, which is the official network of national information centres in the Asia-Pacific region concerning higher education in line with the Tokyo Convention. Last few years the centre is very active internationally, participating in different international projects and initiatives. During the visit, the Experts were inspired with all commitments of the centre staff, as well as their relations with other bodies within the Council of Higher Education but also with HEIs and other stakeholders in Turkiye. The centre reacted promptly Ankara meeting 3to refuge crises in the Middle East establishing a special procedure for recognition of refugees’ qualifications. When the site visit took place, the English version of its web site was published. Overall conclusion, based on the impression of all experts during the site visit is that ENIC/NARIC has done an amazing job which can be improved with more staff hired and some activities speeded up.

After the site visit, the expert report should be finished in two months.