Created on 05 July 2022

The representatives of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education participated at the 29th Annual Joint Meeting of the ENIC and NARIC Networks which takes place in Dublin, Republic of Ireland from 19 - 21 June 2022, when representatives of Networks members gathered to share and discuss the latest insights, practices, and developments in the field of recognition of foreign qualifications.

Dublin1Organised by the European Commission, the Council of Europe, UNESCO, Quality and Qualifications Ireland (ENIC-NARIC Ireland), the ENIC Bureau and NARIC Advisory Board, and supported by the Technical Support Team of the ENIC-NARIC Networks, this event was a unique opportunity for ENIC/NARIC members to discuss and share the latest developments in the field of recognition.

Dublin2The two-day programme, consisting of plenary and break-out sessions, brought together participants with diverse backgrounds and expertise to discuss and share insights on supporting multilateral cooperation through sharing qualification-recognition information on policies and practices, and providing opportunities for capacity building activities.

Dublin3During the meeting, a new ENIC/NARIC web site was presented as well as its new logo. The new web page is now very well structured and designed what will be more helpful for ENIC/NARIC members but also for different stakeholders.

The very important topic was dedicated to a celebration of 25 years since the Lisbon Recognition Convention was signed by member states. Major developments in implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention were presented.

A focus of second day of meeting was on regional conventions and how to establish a cooperation among regions in the field of recognition, especially since the Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (Tokyo Convention) reflects the new trends on the recognition of higher education qualifications in the Asia-Pacific region, with an establishment of APNNIC network. 

The 30th Annual Joint Meeting will be held in Sweden in June 2023.