Created on 10 November 2016

Study visit and training within the Tempus project „Bosnia and Herzegovina Qualifications Framework for Higher Education“, from 17 October to 20 October 2016, was held on the University of Lleida, Spain.

Lleida BHQFHEThe goal of the study visit was the development of the self-certification report of Bosnia and Herzegovina with regard to the European Qualifications Framework.

For the next two days groups worked separately with EU partners on the development and improvement of the report. At the end everything that was done during two day was presented, and it was agreed in order to consolidate the text.

Follow-up of working part of the study visit was about introduction with the host University and their work. The Dean of the Polytechnic School presented the University of Lleida, and pointed out that this is the oldest university in Catalonia with more than 400 agreements with different companies, through which students get employment while studying. Project partners had an opportunity to see the campus, and get to know the organization of the study programme and the process of the accreditation. Special emphasis was on the development of the study programmes and their validation, through which leaders and members of the expert groups could see the details of the whole process and of monitoring of the initiated study programmes carried out by European partners.

During the course of study visit the budget of the Projectwas reported, and following steps.

All presentations will be available on the official website of the project: