Created on 29 November 2016

In Ljubljana, on 16 November 2016, Third Regional Conference of the ENIC/NARIC Centers was held. Besides the representative of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education, who also represented Bosnia and Herzegovina, hosts of the Conference, representatives of Slovenia, and representatives of Republic of Croatia, also attended the Conference. Representatives of other countries in the region did not attend the Conference because of the organizational reasons.

Ljubljana Treca regionalna konferencija ENIC-NARIC centaraConference was divided into four parts: automatic recognition, educational systems and qualifications framework, recognition of qualification for refugees and displaced persons, and future activities.

Conference was officially opened by dr. Stojan Delcev, general director of the Department for Higher Education, and he pointed out the importance of these conferences, commented on cooperation of the participating countries, and after that he presented current situation in the higher education in Slovenia.

Talking about automatic recognition representatives of all centers pointed out that examples of good practices in the other regions regarding automatic recognition should be followed. It is also pointed that automatic recognition without some sort of review is not possible.

In the second part there was a discussion on development of the qualifications framework in all countries. It was also pointed that national qualifications frameworks are an important mechanism for recognition of qualifications, and facilitation of mobility.

Representatives of the centers are aware of the need for development of the mechanism for recognition of qualifications for refugees and displaced persons, and within it all three countries undertook certain steps.

Regarding their future activities, representatives of the centers agreed that these meetings could improve situation regarding recognition of qualifications in the region. Therefore it is agreed that NARIC Centre of Republic of Croatia should consider the possibility of maintaining Forth Conference in Croatia in the following year.