Created on 27 July 2017

Within the planned activities of visiting the region countries, the representatives of Centre held a meeting with the representatives of the Centre of the Republic Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programs (CMEPIUS) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 3 July 2017 in the premises of the CMEPIUS. The purpose of meeting was to gather information about other countries institutions activites related to student and academic mobility.

One of the fundamental tasks of the CMEPIUS is to gather and publish information related to all programmes about student and academic mobility, so that those who are interested in can find all information at one place.

cmepius-logo-introIn doing that, the CMEPIUS coordinate its activites with the higher education institutions, which send students to foreign countries, and with the students who come to study in Slovenia. Besides that the CMEPIUS also follows the realisation of bilateral agreements signed between Slovenia and other countries. The bilateral agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, related to student and academic mobility, was signed in 2014 and based on that agreement, there is now 649 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina studying in Slovenia. The visit was considered as very useful, as it brought new knowledge and benefits that the mobility can have for students and academic community in BiH.

At the end of the meeting the representatives of the CMEPIUS left a possibility of their visit to Centre in October 2017.

Erasmus logoThe representatives of Centre also went to Belgrade, Serbia on 12July 2017 on a one-day study visit to the Foundation Tempus Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia. The purpose of study visit was that the representatives of the Foundation Tempus introduce the representatives of Centre to the jurisdictions of the Foundation Tempus and programmes of student and academic mobility such as Erasmus +, Jean Monet, CEEPUS, to the work of Euroguidance, Europass and other European networks, to the database of educational opportunities and to the database for foreign students At the end of the visit it was agreed that the representatives of the Foundation Tempus repay a visit to the Centre and, if possible, attend the upcoming round table, which is traditionally organized by Centre.