Created on 11 October 2017

The representatives of Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education stayed in Moscow, Russian Federation. on 28. and 29. September 2017. There they attended international Seminar „ Transboundary Education, trends perspectives and recognition“.

The Seminar was held under the patronage of Federal Institute for Supervision in Education and Science of Russian Federation. Over 50 representatives of international institutions and national information centers attended the Seminar.

The participants of Seminar attended the lectures where there was a talk about types and forms of transboundary education which include different programs of transboundary education, that is the activity of branches and campuses of higher education institutions located in foreign countries.

During the Seminar there was a discussion about issues specific to the transboundary education: the frauds in international higher education, the recognition of qualifications for refugees and displaced persons, the transnational aspect of recognition of qualifications in medicine and the importance of education institutions in the international associations.