Created on 03 November 2017

The fourth regional meeting of ENIC-NARIC centres was held on Thursday 19 October 2017 at the Agency for Science and Higher Education of Republic of Croatia in Zagreb. The meeting is traditionally organized with the purpose of discussing the current topics that are related to the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications with the emphasis on the challenges facing the surroding countries at region.

The topic of this year's meeting was recognition of foreign higher education qualifications in the context of external and internal quality assurance in higher education. The meeting was attended by ENIC/NARIC centres of Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the end of the fourth regional meeting of ENIC/NARIC centres it was concluded:

  1. In order to ensure an adequate recognition procedure of foreign higher education qualifications in the context of quality asurance in higher education, it is necessary to base the criteria of evaluation of foreign qualification on a few important points:

- the external quality assurance of higher education must be founded on clear, professional and formally defined national, and international criteria and procedures,       

- the procedures of external quality assurance are stipulated by independent bodies, that is agencies,          

- information about accredited study programs and higher education instituitons are clear and publiclly available,       

- the re-accreditation of a study program and higher education institution is a key criterium for evaluation of foreign higher education qualifications.

2. Improvement of cooperation between ENIC/NARIC centres and national institutions for external quality assurance

3. The Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (CIP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina will work on streghtening the cooperation with the the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina.        

4. It was suggested the the next regional meeting of ENIC/NARIC centres to be held in Belgrade.