Created on 03 November 2017

The Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education organized a Round table 'Academic Mobility and Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications in Bosnia and Herzegovina'. The meeting was held in hotel Mostar on 26 and 27 October 2017.

CIP Okrugli stol Mostar 26-27. 10CIP Okrugli stol Mostar 26-27. 10 2The Round Table was opened with a welcome speech of the president of the Steering Committee, Danijel Vidović, and after that the director of the Centre mr. Damir Ljubić addressed to the audience. Besides the representatives of the Centre, the meeting was also attended by the representatives of Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina; cantonal ministries of education; public and private higher education institutions; the representative of the Euroguidance Centre in Serbia and the representative of the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes of Republic of Croatia.

The purpose of the meeting was an exchange of information and practises about student and academic staff mobility, an introduction to the current state of recognition of foreign higher education qualifications, an exchange of good practices and experiences as well as the promotion of the internal cooperation and providing assistance.

During the first day of the meeting the senior expert advisor from Croatia Jasmina Skočilić said that student mobility had benefits both to the higher education institution which applied for such project, and to the students who wish to discover something new and try to study in some of the European countries.

The representative of the Eurogudance Centre from Serbia, an advisor for information and mobility Sofija Petrović said that there was a great interest from the students to study abroad, but not all of them can go. Besides them the representative of Erasmus + office in BiH Suad Muhibić, the representative of Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the representatives of University of Mostar, University of Sarajevo, University of Bihac and Interantional University of Sarajevo also held presentation.

On the second day of the round table two new documents made by the Centre were presented: the Recommendations on Recognition of Non-formal Education and Informal Learning and Recommendations on Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications for the Purpose of Employment.

Also the practices of recognition of Brčko District, University of Sarajevo, International University of Sarajevo and University of Mostar were presented.

The presentations were followed by exhaustive and constructive discussion which resulted in joint attitudes and ideas about improving the procedure of recognition of foreign higher education qualifications in Bosnia and Herzegovina.