Created on 18 December 2017

On the premise of the University of Zenica, on 29-30 November 2017, the Second Consortium Meeting within the Project "Strengthening of Internationalisation in B&H Higher Education" (STINT project) was held. The meeting followed three practical workshop held at EU partners in the Project, the KU Leuven, Polytechnic Institute of Porto and Buckinghamshire New University.

The Meeting started with a short overview about a realization of activities durind the first two years of the Project. The EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) Technical Implementation Report that is an assessment of the Project only as Fair was considered by all partners in the Project as inadequate. Although some activities could be realized smoother, the realized commitments of all partners should be recognized and project qualified as more successful.

STINT project Zenica 29-30 November 2017The external control and monitoring report of BiH project partners was presented by the project coordinator that is KU Leuven at the meeting.

After that, the public universities presented a current progress concerning the new strategy for internationalization as well as indicators for measuring and assessing the internationalization, while the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education presented further activities for implementation of the Recognition Model at all universities participating in the Project. The representative of the Centre especially highlighted that the main obstacle for implementation of the Recognition Model is recognition legislations in some cantons which are barriers for the implementation of the Project because they are not harmonized with the provisions of the Lisbon Recognition Convention. But   neither the Centre or partners in the project have a legal power and can force educational authorities to change legislation as soon as possible. What all project partners could done is encouraging of educational authorities to change legislation related to recognition of foreign higher education qualifications through direct individual contact and planned common activities.

The public universities presented also activities for creating a Rulebook on Mobility and Guide on Mobility which should be adopted by all universities until the end of the Project. They also presented pilot activites related to implementation of strategy at all universities. All partners were known about a satisfaction of the partners through analyses prepared by the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. At the end of the meeting public universities presented internal dissemination activities while the University of East Sarajevo presented activities of the third Project year.

The next meeting will be held in Tuzla in April 2018.