Created on 12 April 2018

The representative of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education on 7 March 2018 visited the Turkish Higher Education Council, the ENIC Center of Turkey in Ankara, which acts as an integral part of the mentioned institution.

The meeting was agreed on the basis of a jointly expressed interest that the representatives of the ENIC Centers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey exchange experiences and positive practices that they encounter in academic and professional recognition procedures and try to find solutions in order to facilitate and quicken recognition procedures in both countries

Representatives of both centers raised problems and obstacles in the procedures for recognizing higher education qualifications, as well as the ways and modalities of gathering reliable and authentic information in the process of evaluation of foreign higher education qualifications. Representative of ENIC Center of Bosnia and Herzegovina asked his colleagues from the ENIC Center of Turkey to help collecting the information needed for the recognition of higher education qualifications in Bosnia and Herzegovina acquired at higher education institutions in Turkey. Modalities on continuing and improving cooperation have been agreed.

The meeting was rated as extremely useful for both centers.