Created on 16 May 2018

Within the regular annual activities, the representatives of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (hereinafter: Centre) visited the NARIC Centre of Austria on 23 April 2018.

The issues such as the position of both centres and their visibility, an official status of BiH higher education institutions related to academic and professional recognition of higher education qualifications in Austria, relation between pre-Bologna and Bologna qualification in both countries, Bilateral Agreement between Austria and BiH in the field of education, recognition of prior learning were discussed among others during the meeting.

Studijska posjeta NARIC centru Austirje april 2018During the meeting the representatives of the Centre had an opportunity to get to know about the online system for application in the recognition procedure, used by the NARIC centre of Austria in the recognition procedures. This system has facilitated the work of staff and shown the direction to which the the Centre's employees should strive in the next period.

The Centre's representatives assessed this study visit very useful, especially because of longlasting experience of the NARIC centre of Austria and invited the staff of the NARIC centre of Austria to visit the Centre.