Created on 16 May 2018

The Representatives of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education attended the Kick-off Meeting of the Adriatic ENIC/NARIC centres. The meeting was held in Rome, on 4 May 2018, in the premises of the CIMEA (the Italian NARIC centre). Beside the representatives of the Centre, the meeting was attended by representatives of the ENIC/NARIC centres of Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Albania while the representatives of the ENIC centre of Serbia, Montenegro and the former Yugoslav Republic Macedonia, although invited, were not at the meeting.

First Meeting AdReN Rome May 2018The main idea is that countries which belong to the Adriatic area establish the regional network as it is the case with Scandinavien and Benelux countries in order to exchange the best practice in recognition of foreign higher education qualifications as well as to facilitate and improve the student and academic mobility in the Adriatic region. This network will not be outside the framework of the ENIC/NARIC networks. There is also possibility that this network will be supported financially by Italy.

During the meeting, all attendees express their satisfaction with the main idea and agreed that this network would be very useful for all countries and not to give up if some obastacles occur in the establishment of network. The main topics of network work were proposed and some kind of the memorandum should be signed between centres in the next period .

The next meeting should be held in Zagreb, Croatia, in December 2018 when the more details about the work of network will be known.