Created on 05 November 2018

To mark the official establishment of the ERI SEE (Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe) Secretariat, the international Launching and Thematic conference –  Vision of Regional Cooperation for Quality Education and Training took place on 26 October 2018 in in Belgrade, gathering the highest decision-making ministry representatives from the region, policy implementers, education and training experts, as well as international partners (European Training Foundation, Regional Cooperation Council, GIZ…), who had the opportunity to exchange their views on improving quality of education and training and continue the work already going on at regional level.

ERI SEE Secretariat Launching and Thematic Conference Belgrade 26 october 2018The objective of the Conference was to foster and emphasize regional cooperation as a means of contributing to the better quality of education and training systems in the region, and as a result, social and working prospects of its citizens. The Conference also aimed at fostering understanding of current trends in the area of quality education in general, VET and higher education.

The conference was organized in cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Science and technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, (the host country of the ERI SEE Secretariat) and the ERI SEE Secretariat itself.

The representatives of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education attended the Conference who also attended the workshop related to joint Working Group for the Recognition of Academic Qualifications during the afternoon sessions of the Conference. The Working Group should meet several times until June 2019 proposing a Model for facilitating recognition of academic qualifications in the region.