Created on 12 February 2019

Representatives of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education attended the Second Meeting of the Adriatic ENIC/NARIC centres. The meeting was held in Tirana, on 30 January 2019, in the premises of Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth of the Republic of Albania. Beside the representatives of the Centre, the meeting was attended by representatives of the ENIC/NARIC centres of Italy, Albania.

AdReN Meeting Tirana Second MeetingDuring the meeting, it was discussed about further steps concerning establishment of a network between Adriatic ENIC/NARIC centres (the AdReN network). Representatives of the NARIC centre of Italy informed that a web page of the network is being developed so that a content of the web page was considered. Issues of interest for further work of the AdReN network were also considered. It was pointed out that an analysis of the work of all centres related to main provisions of the Lisbon Recognition Convention would be very useful in order to understand the work of all centres. Mapping of all qualifications on systematic level between members of the AdReN network could be an issue for next meetings, leading further to the mapping of sublevel qualifications.

The next meeting of the AdReN network was planned to be held during the Annual Meeting of ENIC/NARIC Networks in June in Germany.