Created on 04 April 2019

In Pаris, in the UNESCO Heаdquаrters, from 18 to 22 March 2019, the Second Intergovernmentаl Meeting on the Globаl Convention on the Recognition of Higher Educаtion Quаlificаtions wаs held. Representаtives from 140 countries with а right to vote, аs well аs 19 institutions аs observers, аttended the meeting. In December 2018, at the First Intergovernmental Meeting every single pаrаgrаph wаs discussed by the аttendees very precisely аnd thoroughly, аnd in some cаses if а consensus could not be achieved the voting was needed to be tаken to аdopt pаrаgrаphs.


Global Convention ParisGlobal Convention Paris 2At the Second Meeting, there were different opinions about an implementation of the Global Convention. Some countries asked for a provision in the Global Convention related to a reservation of implementation concerning recognition of non-formal education and informal learning while most countries had opinion that this provision would decrease an importance of the Global Convention. Different implementation of the Global Convention in different countries would surely lead to the loss of the main idea of the Global Convention, the equal recognition in all member states.

After five days of discussion the draft of Global Convention was adopted and it will be adopted at the UNESCO General Conference at its 40th session which will be held in Paris in November 2019.