Created on 30 July 2019

In Cologne, Germany, on 16-18 June 2019, the 26th Joint Meeting of the ENIC/NARIC networks was held. The most countries, members of the ENIC/NARIC networks, had their representatives at the Meeting.The first day, as always, was dedicated to presentation of the higher education system of the country which organizes meeting that is Germany.The second day started with welcome and opening remarks, a crucial topic for ENIC/NARIC networks concerning the role of networks not only within the European Higher Education Area was discussed.

26 Annual Meeting ENIC-NARIC Networks Cologne 16-18 06 2019 226 Annual Meeting ENIC-NARIC Networks Cologne 16-18 06 2019Four different workshops were organized discussing about relations between networks and ENIC/NARIC centres, higher education policy developments concerning recognition, connections between ENIC/NARIC networks and other stakeholders interested in mobility and recognition issues as well as networks' cooperation with other regions. The general attitude was that there are several directions for further development and work of networks but the most important should be chosen as priorities. During the afternoon session different recognition aspects were discussed such as fake qualifications and institutions, recognition of short cycle degrees, recognition of qualifications held by refugees, displaced persons and persons in refugees like situation, case of Turkey as example of good practice was presented, automatic recognition and paths towards implementation of automatic recognition, digitalisation as the tool for facilitating recognition procedures, recognition of non-formal education and informal learning, automatic recognition of secondary qualifications giving an access to higher education.

The third day was dedicated to country presentation of Holy See, China and Afghanistan, a discussion about substantial differences, ongoing international education policy processes, EQF in the recognition procedures. Information about the Global Convention and its adoption at the General Conference of UNESCO were given. At the end the global plan of ENIC/NARIC network for upcoming period was also presented.

The next annual meeting will be held in 2019 but the country, which should be organized it, is not selected yet.