Created on 02 August 2019

The Eight Meeting of the Committee of the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education (Lisbon Recognition Convention) was held in Paris, France, on 28 June 2019 in the premises of the UNESCO Headquarters.

Seventh Meeting of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee 1Seventh Meeting of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee 2At the beginning of the meeting Guidelines for National Online Information Systems was presented. This Guidelines refers to a structure of web pages of information centres of countries which are members of ENIC/NARIC networks, in order to assure availability of all information on the official web pages ENIC/NARIC centres. These information will allow transparent and fair recognition and as a consequence improve mobility and internationalization of higher education in respective countries. Guidelines represent a group of standards stipulated type of information on the web page, their connection, availability etc. with the aim of increasing of information quality. Likewise, on the web page, general information about ENIC/NARIC centres, Lisbon Recognition Convention and its subsidiary documents, legislation, recognition procedures, academic and professional recognition as well as recognition of qualification which are regulated with special requirements to carry on a specific profession, links to relevant web pages in the field of recognition, education and higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, FAQ as well as other information which might help all stakeholders.

The second very important topic refered to a current situation about recognition of refugees' qualifications, especially related to issuing of the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees that is an ongoing Project of the Council of Europe aiming to issue a passport of competences for refugees in which the key competences are stated. This passport doesn't replace an education document but it might help competent authorities to understand better competences faster inclusion into the labor market or further education.

After this, a revised Diploma Supplement was adopted and all countries are invited to harmonize diploma supplements issuing by higher education institutions with this revised Diploma Supplement. This revised version was endorsed by the EHEA Ministers in Paris in 2018.

In the afternoon session information about the Global Convention on Recognition was given which will be adopted in November 2019 at the General Conference of UNESCO in Paris as well as about the LRCC Bureau workplan for the period 2019-2022. The new members of this Bureau were elected for the next 2 years.