Created on 07 November 2019

The Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education has organized a Roundtable on Implementation of Roadmap for the Implementation of the EU Directive on Regulated Professions 2005/36/EC and 2013/55/EU. The round table was held on October 9, 2019 at Hotel „Mostar“ in Mostar.Apart from CIP representatives, the Roundtable was also attended by representatives of the education and health sector in BiH, Ministry of Civil Affairs, cantonal ministries of education, the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, the manager of Component 3 of the project " Strengthening Nursing in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ProSeS)" and representatives of the Twinning project “Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in Higher Education in BiH”.This event aimed to get participants acquainted with the current situation regarding the implementation of the Roadmap and the activities planned to complete the tasks of Roadmap.

Round Table Mostar 09.10.2019. 1Round Table Mostar 09.10.2019. 2The tasks of contact and sub-contact points and coordinators were presented, as well as activities that were carried out within the implementation of the Roadmap. The reports from TAIEX workshops for midwives, nurses, medical doctors, and dentists were presented as well. The manager of Component 3 of the project " Strengthening Nursing in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ProSeS)" has presented project activites and showed the project's video. The results of the TAM mission on regulated professions and activities done by sub-contact points in the realization of Roadmap's activities have been presentedas well.


The discussion concluded that the attention given to the activities stipulated by the Roadmap is insufficient, and that very little has been done since its adoption. To fully implement this document, as well as all documents adopted and signed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, maximum commitment of all shareholders is required, as well as a high level of cooperation and willingness to work together, exchange experiences and accept the best domestic and international experiences.

 At the end of the Round Table, the following was concluded:


  1. It is necessary to strengthen the communication and cooperation between participants from education, employment and health sectors in all subsequent activities in the implementation of the Roadmap.;
  2. All documents relevant for Roadmap must be resubmitted to all sub-contact points;
  3. Resubmit all documents relevant for Roadmap to all sub-contacts;
  4. All relevant ministries are suggested to include in their annual work programs for 2020 activities established by the Council of Ministers' decisions on the adoption of the Roadmap;
  5. To consider intensifying intersectoral meetings to monitor the implementation of the Roadmap commitments;
  6. Dedicate the next meeting to drafting a list of regulated professions, with a model of HNŽ as an example.