Meeting with the representatives of the ENIC centre of the Republic of Serbia

Created on 10 February 2020

Representatives of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualification in Higher Education held a meeting with representatives of the Qualifications Agency of the Republic of Serbia. The Agency, as the ENIC centre of the Republic Serbia, represents the Republic of Serbia in the work of ENIC/NARIC networks. The meeting was held in the premises of the Agency, in Belgrade on 28 January 2020. The topics of the meeting were, primarily, the current issues in the recognition procedures of higher education qualifications in both countries, as well as mutual recognition between countries.

During the meeting, a legal force of the Declaration on the Recognition of Academic Qualifications in the Western Balkans between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo (the name defined by the UN Resolution 1244 from 1999) was discussed. The Declaration should be endorsed at the Sixth Annual Summit within the Berlin Process, in Poznan, in July 2019. During the Summit, the Declaration was endorsed and it is not clear its legal power. It was concluded that additional explanations will be asked and it will be discussed about the Declaration during the seventh meeting of the Working Group in the beginning of February, in Tirana.

A special thematic part of the meeting was dedicated to information exchange in the recognition procedures between two countries and primarily about the authenticity of higher education qualifications delivered by higher education institutions. It was agreed that in cases when higher education institutions asked for fees in order to deliver information about the authenticity, centres will deliver such information because in accordance with the Lisbon Recognition Convention signed and ratified in both countries, the centre is obliged to provide information about its higher education system to other countries, including information about the authenticity. The authenticity of qualification will be also conducted for qualifications obtained at military schools obtained in former Yugoslavia.

At the end of the meeting, it was discussed about accreditation of higher education institutions in both countries related to a determination of a legal status of higher education institution and study program. It was agreed that additional information about problems, centres encounter in the recognition procedures, are sent to competent institutions for accreditation in both countries and ask them to make additional efforts in harmonization of their regulations with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

It was agreed a continuation of cooperation in principle, the next meeting should be held in Mostar.